Is Chapter 13 Right for You?

If the relief offered by Chapter 7 does not go far enough, then Chapter 13 might be the right choice to get you back on your feet. Often, Chapter 13 is right for individuals who are behind on their house or car payment, dealing with a repossession, or, are behind on recent taxes or child support arrearage. Some of the benefits of Chapter 13 include:

  • Repossessed property may be ordered to be returned to you if the property has not been sold or otherwise transferred
  • Debts can be “reorganized” into a payment plan over three to five years
  • Protection for your home and automobile during the reorganization
  • No garnishment is allowed

Are you falling behind on your house or car payments? Do you have credit card debt accumulating? Bankruptcy is a legal and ethical opportunity to start fresh and get back on your feet by building a stable financial future. Our attorneys can help you determine whether bankruptcy is a good option for your situation. We can guide you through the process. For over 20 years, the Dickerson Law Firm, P.A., has provided individuals assistance with their debt problems. We have four locations throughout southern Arkansas, including: Hot Springs, El Dorado, North Little Rock, and Pine Bluff. Dedicated to personalized client services, our compassionate attorneys are knowledgeable of the bankruptcy law. Contact our El Dorado, Hot Springs, North Little Rock, or Pine Bluff  Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney by calling 1 800 STOP DEBT.

Over Twenty Years of Assisting Clients With Debt Relief

At the Dickerson Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys handle both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Our qualified debt relief attorneys will look at which bankruptcy is right for you given a number of factors, including your income, expenses, property and debt. The attorney will discuss the benefits of your options, and help you determine whether to file one of these remedies or refer you to another attorney to discuss possible non-bankruptcy relief.

If you choose to go through with a bankruptcy, our lawyers will walk you through your options to ensure you are comfortable with each step moving forward. We will provide you with sound legal advice, carefully and meticulously assist you with your paperwork, and represent you throughout the process.